Tuesday, July 14, 2009

The Great Houdini

For those of you that don't know we got a puppy. His name is Ruger 'Houdini' Giblette. The middle name will be explained later. He was 8 weeks on Mothers Day and Clint picked him up the night before Mothers Day! The first few weeks we were asking ourselves WHY did we get a puppy, WHY did we think this would be fun...but now I cannot imagine life without him. Here is a picture of him when we picked him out of the litter at 7wks old!

Here is our little Ruger now....

He has been a great puppy...we just block out the times where he went potty in the house, how he found a way to climb out of his enclosure in the kitchen (we started calling him Houdini for the reason) and would meet us at the door when we got home from work/school after a day of gallivanting around the apartment all by himself, and the chewed blinds as a result of that freedom. He was a surprisingly non-destructive puppy unsupervised in the apartment all day, and for that I am very grateful. We finally figured out his tricks by setting up a hidden camera and when we left he would be out before we even shut the front door! Little did we know that he was never really in his enclosure while we were gone. Now he is crate trained and we are loving it!

He has proved to be a very smart puppy...spoken like a proud mother :) He knows sit, down (which he is demonstrating in the picture above), kennel, and RUGER! He is going to be a very big dog. His legs and ears are still way to big for him and he trips over his HUGE paws. There are many times he face plant the couch or bed because he jumps too soon. He is a lover and always wanting to cuddle when he is not hyper and bouncing off the walls. When he was a puppy he would wake up from his nap and find that there wasn't anyone near him any more and go to the closest warm body, cuddle up, and fall back asleep.

We love him and enjoy the energy he brings into our lives! He is preparing us for kids...which by saying that I know what you must be thinking and we are not pregnant...yet :)

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  1. ohhhh. i want one of those. galavanting-- good word usage.