Thursday, September 3, 2009

Oh Sydney!

We went over to Clints parents for dinner and got to play with Brookie and Sydney for a bit before we ate. At one time we were out on the trampoline and Sydney was having a ball....she is so adventurous. I got some cute pics that I had to post!

She would laugh when she was so cute.

She would laugh the whole time Clint was jumping with her between his legs.

Even Ruger joined us....he was a little wobbly.


  1. Rugers comfort level on the trampoline looks like its at about 2.17 out of 13. put some meat on them bones! heh

  2. Did Sydney get her binky stuck in the tramp? That is not safe for her future, you know.

  3. Thanks for posting these! :) Oh Sydney! lol. Brookie said she had a good time doing "girl's day" on Friday. :) I think Syd did too.